Group Profile

A.N.B. Group Consultants & Investigations is the synergetic merging of two firms that in the past acted separately; A. N. Special Advisers Ltd. and Bar-Tikva Investigations. After 20 years of working together, the owners of both firms arrived at a winning formula of cooperation and teamwork that enables to provide the clients with a wide range of services under one roof, maintaining very high standard of professionalism and reliability.

A.N. Special Advisers Ltd.

A.N. Special Advisers Ltd. was founded in 1978 by the late Avraham Arnan, the founder of one of the elite and most classified intelligence units in the IDF, and by the late Sami Nachmias, born in Jerusalem, who served in various units in the Intelligence Corps, including being an intelligence officer in the same elite unit as Avraham Arnan.

Upon his retirement from the army, Sami was appointed the chief intelligence officer of the Israel Police. Sami has been involved in the field of international business intelligence for over 40 years.
The fascinating story of Sami's life was published in an article in Maariv 

Bar-Tikva Investigations
The firm was established in 1992 by Yosha Bar-Tikva and is managed today by his son, Achik Bar-Tikva , who developed the investigation agency into the new and modern entity that it is today. Mr. Bar-Tikva provides a wide range of investigative services to a diverse clientele and holds a current private investigator license issued by the Ministry of Justice as well as a license to operate an investigation Agency.

A.N.B. Group Consultants & Investigations is a unique blend of these two firms. Together with the accumulated experience and professionalism of the leading team, we can now also provide our clients with the added value they are looking for thus ensuring that they come back to us time and again over the years.