Why Us

We offer you many years of experience with proven abilities and results, both in the field of business intelligence consulting and that of private investigations. Our service is reliable, personal, and discreet. We provide each client with a comprehensive solution suited exactly to his or her case.

We outsource work to the top experts in every field both in Israel and worldwide, who together provide creative and dynamic solutions to every problem within a short time frame. We believe that every case deserves a solid and structured project plan, notwithstanding the scope or subject matter.

We think strategically and plan every action in order to achieve the best and most effective solutions to every problem. Being able to think "out-of-the-box" leads us to original ideas and we make sure that each case receives unique and personal attention.

We work closely with legal advisers, who ensure that we act within the boundaries of the law at all times. As such, every report we issue is legal and acceptable in a court of law and can be used as evidentiary material when necessary.

The Group is networked throughout Israel and the world. We operate at the highest standards of discretion, dependability, trustworthiness, and above all – professionalism.