The Leading Team

Achik Bar-Tikva
A licensed private investigator. Manager and owner of a private investigation agency for over 25 years.

Shiri Bar-Tikva
A former officer in the Intelligence Corps, holds a BA degree in Economics and East Asia from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specializes in project viability. Shiri has been managing the team since its inception. Shiri had lived in China for a year and in the US for two years.

Colonel (Res.) Eli Ziv – External Consultant
served for years in Unit 504 of the Israel Defense Forces and served as the unit's chief commander for about 3 years. The unit is the human intelligence unit of the Armed Forces and is responsible for operating agents in enemy countries as well as interrogating detainees and captives to produce the necessary intelligence

For about 3 decades until 2019 served as CEO of the Tel Aviv Hotels Association and was involved in promoting inbound and domestic tourism to the Tel Aviv area, developing hotels in the area, promoting city building plans, economic aspects and labor relations. During his time, and in collaboration with the municipality and the Ministry of Tourism, the touristic image of the city of Tel Aviv was designed and built as a very attractive destination and the city reached its peak in tourism.